Verao, a tropical region of forests, marshes, deserts, and plains located west of Hoenn. Types which may be rare in other areas seem to be abundant here. It is based off India.

Pokemon Edit


poop (water heh heh shity water)

Gryfern Edit

It is a very restless Pokémon and does not like to hold still. What appear to be feathers covering its body are actually tiny leaves. It will fearlessly stand its ground even when facing foes much larger than itself.


It puffs out the feathery leaves on its head and neck to intimidate enemies. Its long whip-like tail is a formidable weapon, as the leaf at the tip has razor-sharp edges.

Aquilarch Edit

It is extremely proud, and will fiercely protect the forest it calls home. The metallic beak, talons, and leaf blades are its primary weapons. It can also shoot any of the hundreds of smaller leaves covering its body for its Razor Leaf attack.


A docile Pokémon, it defends itself by kicking the stinging hairs on its back at its foe, and only uses its venomous fangs as a last resort. It captures prey by hiding in a burrow, and torching small creatures that approach the entrance.


Flarach is very high-energy compared to its previous form. Instead of waiting in a burrow, it freely wanders in search of prey. Its eyesight is excellent, and it can leap surprisingly far to capture a meal.


This massive bug Pokémon digs a deep burrow in the middle of its chosen territory. At night, it patrols the area for prey and drives out any other Magmarachs it comes across. In the morning, it returns to its hole to sleep, blocking the entrance with webbing and debris.


It is very curious and tries to gain a better understanding of new objects by touching them with its two large tentacles. The electric organs on these tentacles emit a weak charge that tells Nautide more about whatever it is touching.


Using the electric organs on its longest tentacles, it can generate a powerful shock through its claws. Squidamp can propel backwards at astonishing speeds by jetting water out of its shell.


Its elastic tentacles have a very long reach. Contact with the plug claws will let loose a burst of electricity averaging 100,000 volts. It can propel itself long distances by expelling water through its shell and spinning its body like a corkscrew. Doing this underwater causes whirlpools.