Canadus, a Boreol Region region of forests, marshes, plains, and Tundra located west of Sinnoh. It is based on Canada.


Allan MarshEdit

Cowboy Hat, Open coat, Red T-shirt, Jeans, Sneakers. Wears a backpack.

Mia HornerEdit

Beanie, Blue-T-shirt, long-sleeved cardigan, shorts, knee-high socks, sneakers. Carries a handbag.

Regional RivalEdit

Tyler SternbergEdit

A Boy with Autism. He has social problems and would rather hang out with his Pokemon then people. He was once your friend when you were both young, but as he got problems with his social skills, you were left in the past. Upon hearing you were chosen to complete the pokedex he uses every connection at his disposal to be put on the project as well. Does everything possible to one up you and remind you of his station in life. Everytime you meet him, he boasts about the new items/Pokemon/training he bought to beat you before challenging you to a match. 

Regional Proffesor Edit

Professor Sereno, a quirky woman, Maura Sereno is often described as absent minded and unorganized but she always knows where to find anything in her office (or so she’ll tell you). The other professors respect Spruce for her experience and intellect but often chose not to work with her due to her unique work style and mannerisms. Her son Dan, was one of your first friends upon moving to a small town outside of Maastrichtia CityTerryano, unlike other professors, does not have a lab. She is a Pokezoologist, and the player meets with her at Maastrichtia Pokemon Zoo to receive their newborn starter Pokemon.

Region VilliansEdit

Team SetEdit

A group of Hoennian Immigrants who lived in terrible conditions in the dryer parts of Hoenn in the past. Blaming the Hoennian and Canadusian Goverment for their troubles, they unleash thir fury across the Hoenn and Canadus with  thievery, arson, destroying property, kidnapping, mass protesting, Murdur, and obstructing Routes. .

Team IronsideEdit

Former Army members. After years of problems within the Great Plains with the Goverment, they want to overthrow the reigon's government to "keep order" and prevent future catastrophies. They have a bitter rivalry with Team Set.


  1. Ceraflora
  2. Calicosaur
  3. Styracostenotops
  4. Albertoflair 
  5.  Blazeosaurus
  6. Tyrannosteel
  7. Nessea
  8. Tidosaur